Get The Protection You Need At A Price You Can Afford

Invest For Your Future and Reduce Your Debt



Best of all, this workshop is free to both you and your employees!

Primerica believes in financial education for everyone. We believe that there are no “secrets” to financial security and that financial education isn’t just for the wealthy. Primerica’s goal is to educate hard-working, Main Street families – just like your employees — on simple concepts that can change their financial future forever.






A Main Street Company For Main Street North America

Primerica helps families get the protection they need at a price they can afford, invest for the future and reduce debt.

• We are the largest independent financial services marketing organization in North America.
• We have a 40+ year proven track record
• More than 2 million client investment accounts
• Approximately 5 million lives insured through our life companies, with an average of $3.8 million in benefit claims paid every day
• Listed on the NYSE under the symbol “PRI”



 Senior Vice President and OSJ Advisor

With 40+ years of Financial Services experience, Marty has been with Primerica since 1981.
He holds State Life, Health, Property Casualty, FINRA Securities Series 6, 26, 63, SEC Series 65, and Federal NMLS Mortgage Licenses.
PFS Investments Inc. Registered Representative
Life Insurance Representative (US)
Investment Adviser Representative


Why do you offer complimentary workshops?

We believe that once people have all the facts, then, and only then, are they able to make the best decisions. We provide these facts, and then we offer the opportunity for people to sit down with us to apply the knowledge.
This is how we create life-long clients and help people.

Do my employees have to buy anything?

There is no obligation to purchase anything at anytime.

How long will the workshop last?

It depends on the workflow of your company. We prefer 45 minutes to one hour; however, we can do it in as little as 30 minutes. (We have found that people usually have questions, so 45 minutes is better.)

How many employees have to attend?

We like to see a minimum of six. The ideal group is between 15 – 30.

How do I let my employees know about the workshop?

Let them know through the ways you normally get important information out to your workforce. We can provide paycheck stuffers, flyers and email content if you like.

Do you have references from other companies?

Yes, several. (See references section of website.)

How can your workshops benefit my company?

They create a strategic partnership between Primerica and your company to offer a free, in-house education program for your employees. Our structured platform supports your existing benefits programs, and does not compete with them. Typically, financial wellness programs and workshops are a top-tier benefit that previously were only offered by some Fortune 500 companies to their employees. We've made this benefit accessible to small- and mid-sized companies. Our workshops can work to reduce or alleviate many of the financial questions employees bring to the human resources department by providing a forum for employees to ask questions. Best of all, this workshop is complimentary to both you and your employees.